Terms of Service

2020 Giving Challenge
Confidentiality, Privacy, and Integrity Agreement

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County (CFSC) is proud to present the 2020 Giving Challenge starting at noon on April 28th and ending at noon on April 29th as an opportunity for local nonprofit organizations with current profiles in The Giving Partner (www.TheGivingPartner.org) to raise funds and awareness for their missions.

CFSC is committed to ensuring that any donor information received by or from each nonprofit organization participating in the 2020 Giving Challenge is protected against unauthorized disclosure. To realize that commitment, the confidential financial and personal information belonging to donors, whether in electronic or paper form, shared with you or by you with CFSC, or shared by CFSC with you, must be kept safe. If an unauthorized acquisition or breach of your donor data and systems occurs on April 28 or 29, or during the period of time in which you and CFSC are engaged in activities supporting the Giving Challenge, CFSC asks that you notify us immediately to ensure that we work together to address any unauthorized disclosure of donor information.

CFSC has contracted with GiveGab, an independent online fundraising platform hosting the Giving Challenge, to analyze data to confirm matching opportunities for each participating organization. There will be no opportunity to dispute GiveGab’s designations.

In the spirit of philanthropy and the benefits bestowed upon our community through charitable giving, organizational participants are expected to participate in the Giving Challenge in accordance with the highest ethical standards of honesty, truthfulness and integrity in all transactions, activities, and communications with the CFSC and GiveGab. Manipulating gifting in order to maximize matching gifts to an organization will not be permitted or tolerated.

CFSC and GiveGab are PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant and can accept,process, store or transmit credit card information for donors in a secured environment for purposes of participating in the Giving Challenge. CFSC does not store or retain donor credit card information. Abiding by PCI compliant practices is an essential part of protecting donors during the Giving Challenge that all participating organizations should acknowledge. For more information on PCI compliance, visit https://www.pcicomplianceguide.org/faq/.

I understand that CFSC is not responsible for the donations contributed to my nonprofit organization over the course of the event and understand that donors choose where to place their gifts and that CFSC has no control of this process.

Any nonprofit organization that does not comply with these standards may not be eligible to receive match money and/or prizes, and eligibility for future Giving Challenges will be in jeopardy.

I understand and agree to comply with all of the above statements.

I and my entire organization, its employees, board, and volunteers, will take reasonable measures to protect and secure data in any form containing donor personal information.

Donations made by individuals who are reimbursed by any funding source for making that donation are ineligible for TPF matching.

Donations may not be made in exchange for goods, services, memberships, dues, tickets or other services.

GiveGab is solely responsible for verifying matching opportunities as a third party.